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Arising Technology Co.,Ltd

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ARISING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a high technology lighting factory with 11-year experience on LED driver’s development and production. Integrated by high-tech development, producing and sales of LED Lighting products, Arising focuses on industrial trend and emphases on international trend scouting. Following up market orientated strategy, Arising owns modern and innovative light designs solution, continually improving and strengthening well-done customers’ experience. Until now, we have developed and produced more than 300 kinds of LED drivers and ceiling lamps, widely selling to EU and US market. Since from 2010, we have been positively participating OEM and ODM sections with our partners, especially we attach high importance on long-term relationship with our KA accounts, including of perfect resource share, in-time marketing feedback, high-efficient information settlement, fast-service and excellent innovation. And meanwhile, we take part of comprehensive and diversified technical support and after sales service to our partners, pushing mutual development by together.


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